Here are some easy tips to organize and store your holiday decorations with ease and start the new year more organized! Purchasing a few organizing supplies now will pay off year after year as you easily find and set up your holiday decorations.

Use color coded containers so next year you can find your decorations quickly. Containers follow a basic organizing principle – they create a contained, confined amount of space by using a preset number of containers. This way your collection will have boundaries and you will know when you have too many decorations. Using colored bins also ensures that whoever you send to the attic or garage will retrieve the right items!

Store your regular decor in the holiday bins as you empty them and set up for the season. This helps your house from becoming cluttered during the holidays. As you put away your holiday trimmings, you can replace them with your year-round tchotchkes, candles and other decorations brought out from the bins.


If you reuse your wreath, store it in its own bag to protect it for next year.

When packing up your decorations, also make sure to pack up the holiday cds – you wont need them throughout the year and you will find them in perfect time next year! Same with any unused holiday cards. You can send them out next year.

Pack up any holiday themed gift wrap in a specified container, or make space in your most accessible holiday bin.

Store your lights properly – use handy light caddies or create your own with coat hangers or magazines – make sure to roll them with positive plug wound to the outside.

Store ornaments in one of these ornament organizers, or fill a plastic container with packing peanuts and gently place the ornaments in the peanuts, spacing them out enough that they won’t hit each other as the bin is moved.

Once packed up again, store your holiday bins up high and out of the way so you are not tripping over them throughout the year. 

Kathi Burns
Kathi Burns

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