~:Kathi In The News:~

Television Producers:
Kathi is available to fill your next women’s, image or organizing segment. Experience with local, live and national news has prepared Kathi to be a polished Organizing and Image Expert on an exceptionally large range of topics including choosing the right clothes for your body shape, managing paperwork, organizing the office, and home environment to organizing your schedule, closet, and wardrobe.

Kathi is adept and experienced at providing talking points, lower thrds and visual props. Reach out to Kathi to learn how she can help your show with a turn-key segment.

~:Kathi’s Podcast Appearances:~

Podcast and Radio Producers:
Kathi’s range of topics includes home office organization techniques, working from home efficiency, achieving work/life balance, organizing your home, time-saving tips for entrepreneurs, mind, body, spirit connection to clutter and clutter, and much more.

Kathi comes prepared with intro, bio, talking points, and free giveaways for your audience. She is also equipped and adept to fill your last-minute openings. Reach out to Kathi to learn how she can help you produce an amazing podcast.

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~:Kathi Featured in Print:~

Freelance Writers:
Need a quote for your next women’s column, family, or business article? Simplify your assignment and ask Kathi. As a Board Certified Organizing and Image Expert, Kathi’s vast amount of organizing and wardrobe knowledge is available to you. Having owned a publishing agency, Kathi understands deadlines and can help you develop your article quickly.

Reach out to Kathi to learn how she can help you finish your assignment before your deadline.

~:Kathi as a Contributing Author:~

~:Kathi’s Bio:~

Kathi Burns CPO®, is an author, speaker & the founder of addSpace To Your Life! ~ a Professional Organizing & Image Consultancy.

After sailing as licensed captain and living full time out of a duffle bag, she realized the importance of living small and being organized. In 2004 Kathi launched her organizing and image consultancy. The following year Good Morning America featured Kathi as a successful woman business owner.

Since then Kathi has written two books and authored numerous reports and created several online training programs.

As an organizing, image and productivity expert Kathi’s advice has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens, Entrepreneur Magazine and more. She is a frequently called upon guest expert for Fox, NBC and CW6 News

Kathi’s mission is to help clients remove their exterior obstacles and unnecessary baggage so that they can create a life of purpose, ease, joy and success.

~:Get in touch with Kathi:~

Organized & Energized!
1014 Johnson Avenue
San Diego, California 92103

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