“Simplifying your life by releasing clutter and old patterns will pave the way for success.”


I am now at least 200 pounds (or more) lighter in my office and at least 1000 pounds lighter in my heart and mind. My creative juices are flowing and I am in business, doing what I have wanted to do all my life…write!! Thank you Kathi, for your ability to create space…not just in my office but in my heart too!

Kathi’s expertise in adding space to a person’s life is not solely about the physical space she helps you create by removing unnecessary “muck” from your life, but it also extends to an expansion of personal inner space, that sacred space, where we all create. She is a master in her work, someone to turn to when you need to reestablish order in your life. I am so deeply grateful that I invested in her help, her knowledge, and her mastery. Thank you Kathi, for showing up in my life at just the right time!

Candace George Conradi > Internationally Recognized Author, Speaker and Coach
I opened the top file drawer, using the same amount of pull as before…I almost pulled the drawer clear out of the cabinet, it was so light-weight. I love this already…my desk is still clean! No more Sunday night dread! I’m Free!!!!
Kathi did the impossible…took my overstuffed disorganized file system (system?…yeah, right) and turned it into a streamlined, workable, user- friendly tool. I love to file my papers away now, because I know where they go and I know I’ll be able to find them. What a blessing! Kathi knew just what I needed to keep and what to throw away. We actually brought in a 50-gallon trashcan and filled it with outdated stuff. Do you know how liberating that is?
Bottom line is that the more organized you are, the more efficient you are….and that adds up! It was WELL WORTH the investment (and you only have to do it once!) And here’s something else to think about…when it came time to flee from the fires here in Ramona, I QUICKLY knew what boxes to take….there is no price tag you can put on that.
Mindy Sellinger > Author of Face-To-Face Networking Skills (In a Social Media World)
The system Kathi helped us implement was simple and easy to use! We shredded pounds of old & unnecessary files. Although she already has a great reputation, we just wanted to go on public record here to say that all that great stuff you’ve heard is true!
Anya Shortridge > Owner, Ashes on the Sea
 I can’t thank you enough! The house feels different. It became cozy & it feels like home. I don’t need to leave the house to study, I can concentrate now & am comfortable sitting around the house, cooking & even cleaning! Unloading the dishwasher now has become an easier task compared to before … I know where everything goes & I no longer cram everything together. Thank you so much!
Tamara Alhobayb


 I used my fingers to organize my mail just like you said. I
 cannot tell you how powerful that tip was for reducing my stress
 level. Now all I have to do is master this finger twirl concept of 
yours and I’m back in business. Believe well!
Adelaide Zindler 
> Chief Work-At-Home-Mom Cheerleader


Take Your First Step Towards a New Organized and Energized Life!        Download One of These Free eBooks

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Organized Home Office

Help me make a plan   to organize my home office!

Organized Life

I want to build systems so I have more time to enjoy life!

 I am actually catching up on things and not as bogged down. I have a system that is working so now I can get to the tasks that have been there for me to do for longer than I care to admit. Thank you!
CD Moore > MD

If you are looking for someone who knows how to manage her time and remain focused on helping you get focused, then you will want to speak with Kathi. I was looking for more time, more organization, and a more powerful system of dealing with the day to day operations of my business. She has completely streamlined my system and I highly recommended Kathi if you want to improve on any of these areas.

David Bone > Solana Flooring


Kathi is very focused when she works with you. She really looks at your specific needs and adapts her ideas to fit you without allowing you to go back to old habits. She is personable and fast. Kathi understands the value of your time and hers. The solutions she has provided are still in place 2 years later and working for me.

Penny Breslin > Entrepreneur

Only work with Kathi if you want to get powerful, dramatic results. Her organizing and personal image consulting goes beyond the surface. With skill, energy, and heart, she helps you get rid of the muck (the inner obstacles) that block success.
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Eric Klein > Author, Speaker, Coach


Kathi has helped me to get more organized in fact more than I would have ever dreamed of. She is innovative in using tools that you already had that you thought might not be useful. She also has great business and marketing ideas. I highly recommend her services.

Laurie Parker > Area Manager at Arbonne

Dear Kathi,

Working with you has given me the most amount of progress in the shortest amount of time that I’ve ever experienced in my 30 year business career. Thank you!

Cathy Final CFO  > Straub Construction

With the organizational skills I’ve learned from Kathi Burns, I have been able to save money, upgrade lifestyle, homeschool, and learn social media. Kathi organizes all kinds of spaces. Home space, office space, car space, even head space! I have a feeling Kathi’s going to be scooped up and shared with the masses this year. Do yourself a favor and hire Kathi now while you still can. Her book How To Master Your Muck is excellent so get that too. You’ll need it later for reference. Seriously the best organizer in all spaces.

Juliette Wallen > World’s Biggest Dreamboard

I wanted to let you know how wonderful my file system is! The active files work great and there really is a place for everything. I finally feel like I have all my papers under control.

  Dana> Oceanside

A few years ago when we had to evacuate, we just grabbed memorabilia and didn’t even think of anything else besides insurance policies. I did not know where things were so I didn’t even think of it. This time because my home office and papers were organized, I had all of the important information. When we evacuated for the fire this year, my new filing system saved me much and stress. I was able to pull all permanent files red tabs and remove replace, policies with all my insurance information. I had all of the important information because my home office and papers were organized. It was good, I grabbed and grabbed and ran out knowing that I had everything I could possibly want.

Debbie S. > San Diego
Your help has made a big difference in my life. I felt like I couldn’t have people over before because my place was such a mess. Now I can and it’s like a new place where I cannot simply live but invite people over as well.

Rebecca Politzer > Artist

You really bring order to our lives, you have hauled away so much stuff that we never needed to begin with. I love my kitchen counter tops. I can actually see them!
T.T. > Carlsbad

I feel so lucky to have attended a meeting where Kathi was the speaker at the EXACT time I had discovered I had WAY overpaid my estimated taxes because my office wasn’t organized. She made such a HUGE difference in my office, setting up systems, clearing out unneeded stuff, etc that I could FEEL how much calmer the space was. It blew my mind what a difference it made. I knew I wanted to feel that way at home so I bought my first package of time. We have done my kitchen, bathroom, all my closets and garage. I will never be without her!!!

Finally, a fair, fast and affordable way to divorce at Fair Divorce In A Day Mediation. I tell EVERYONE I know about what I have been up to with Kathi. In fact everyone who comes into my house is given the “Kathi Tour” of all the spaces she has helped me with. The results she produced in my law office in just 4.5 hours were so spectacular that I KNEW I HAD to take her home with me. We spent 6 hours this week working on my kitchen and it has been a joy to open up.

Belinda Rachman

“Add Space To Your Life” does just that! Opens doors to unlimited possibilities of future happiness on many levels: Personal, Professional, Family and Social Happiness, carrying throughout your life, in an equally productive, and forward-thinking manner. I must say that as you Add Space To Your Life, you wind up adding “Life” to your space! And that space can become infinite!

Thank you, Kathi Burns, for helping me understand just how important that is!

Scott Payton

I now think in a much different way about my stuff and can keep up with my stuff much better. I feel lighter- it doesn’t really express the depth of the changes that have taken place You have opened a new space in my life. I have now let go of the past on a much deeper level which will allow me to embrace my future in a new way.

Hana Kluner

This experience has definitely de-stressed my life. Kathi provided the extra motivation and direction I needed. If I had done this by myself, it would have taken months, not days. My time is valuable and it definitely saved me money to hire Kathi. Without her, my systems would not be nearly as streamlined and effective. Now I get more done in less time and with much less effort.
M. Lesh > Sempra Energy

This (organizing) is huge. It is not just about organizing our house it is about putting our family life back on track and how we use our space. Being organized takes the stress away so I can enjoy the time I spend with my family. The worry and burden is no longer there. I can actually spend quality time with my kids instead of searching and worrying about things like lost batteries for the camcorder. This is so great and I am really excited! I have such a pretty house. I had forgotten how cute it was because I couldn’t see past the clutter and mess.

Kathleen Rosen > La Jolla

Clearing my life has become contagious throughout my neighborhood. After seeing my garage, one of my neighbors took all of her paints to the recycle center and emailed my other neighbors to see if they had anything they wanted to get rid of. My other neighbor emailed us and suggested that we all have a progressive dinner party in our garages after they are all clear! Now it is a competition to see who can tackle their garage next. Of course, mine is already done thanks to you!

Katy Philyaw

Kathi is very knowledgable in her field, has quick assessment and solution skills, and is personable. She is hard-working and professional. I recommend her for any organization projects.
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time

Audessa Siccardi

In such a small amount of time you gave me so many great ideas. It really helped me think outside the box. These small details are so good to know!

Diane Mackey > RN

My new file system got me from thinking about filing to actually filing. Having folders vertically positioned instead of having a stack with no direction and simplifying it to a few folders gives me an action plan to actually begin working my tasks that are in progress.

The action files have taken me from thinking about doing it to actually doing it. Having them vertically stacked instead of piles has moved my papers from stacks with no direction to simplifying my papers into having an action plan and actually doing it.

J Gilmore >  Merrill Lynch

Facing an obstacle like paper clutter and disorganization has been very freeing. Like any new habit, it takes discipline and has to be addressed continuously. I definitely know a new freedom in being able to throw away stuff immediately and now live in an environment with cleared tables and desktops. This is a lovely feeling ─ well worth the ‘teeth drilling’ pain of transformation!


Kathi is a miracle worker! By teaching me to establish categories for my stuff, she rescued my downward disorganization spiral, turning it into an upward, organized one. Objects can now find a “home.” Pieces of paper can be filed. A couple of new desktop file names are “data entry” and “calls to make.” She really saved me from myself!

Carole Johnson

Organizing with Kathi is the best money I ever spent. This experience is fantastic; I am not kidding. To be able to come home from work and not be bombarded by clutter is amazing. When I am surrounded by clutter, I am unable to get things accomplished. Now I am effective, productive and no longer feel overwhelmed.

Kelly Ryan > News Anchor

Kathi systemized and organized my office using very progressive strategies. The result was an office that allows me to operate effortlessly, in complete control of my paper flow. I’d recommend Kathi to any small business owner. She’s great!

Debra Simpson > Magic in Words

Clutter has prevented me from getting my home improvements done. I was stopped from redecorating and painting because I couldn’t get in to the rooms and the workers couldn’t either until the piles were gone. Now I can walk around my home without falling over things and it is much more peaceful. I am also really motivated to get started on the projects that until now have been on hold.

M. Stewart > San Marcos

I wanted to get more freelance design work. Having the weight of my clutter being lifted from my space is huge. The overwhelming feeling of not being able to wade through all of my stuff seemed insurmountable before you helped me. The opening of my space got things flowing and things are really opening up for me now. Thank you!

Sophia Daly > Graphic Artist

Thank you for the uplifting email! Now that I’m WFH and this spending so much more time at home, I’m soooooooooo thankful for all of the great organizational work we’ve done over the past few months! My spaces would have been driving me crazy this time last year.

Maggie Siegler

You were worth every single penny. I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted. I am shocked by how much paperwork disappeared into such a small file system and how much I was able to throw away!

John Gaffne > La Jolla

Kathi Burns gave a presentation at a San Diego Good Ol Gals luncheon, and absolutely loved her message. I purchased and read her book “How to Master Your Muck” and learned some quick, real-life strategies to run my business a bit more efficiently. Even though I’m an organized person, she added some new techniques to my repertoire which really made a difference.

Tammy Rimes

Kathi was a speaker at a meeting for a networking group to which I belonged. I had been wondering about hiring an image consultant after starting to watch the TV show “What Not to Wear” and was happy to find someone local who could provide this service. During our first visit, Kathi helped me clean out my overloaded closets. She helped me decide what to keep, what to clear out.

Debbie Roes > Writer, Coach, Speaker at Self-Employed

Kathi is a Professional and knows her business.. Excellent work at a reasonable cost. Trustworthy and reliable. I would recommend her for anyone who needs help with clutter, especially with paper.

Grace Johnson

I am happy I saw your post, because I keep forgetting to tell you that you gave a wonderful presentation at the GOG meeting. One thing that I have found is women do think that men should have to get rid of their stuff, but they shouldn’t. I’m glad you have had the same scenario. Thank you.

Barbara J. Schultz

Kathi has done wonderful things for my clients in getting them organized. As a Financial Planner it is imperative that we have organized data and that our clients have systems in place to remain that way. Kathi makes sure that my clients have systems in place to remain organized which is invaluable.

Christopher Kilrain > Financial Planner

Kathi has made such a difference in our home. We feel so settled and at “home” in our own home now that everything has a place to go. There are no more stacks of paper or clutter around. It is a great feeling. It has freed up my time and my life…it is easy. Being a mother of two toddlers – this is no easy task and it really has been easy to get organized. It takes no time to “know” where to put each item.

Kathi has been a trooper to work with.  She is professional, diligent and thorough.  I haven’t been the easiest person to work with – I have fought filing from the very beginning and she has pushed me forward.  Our home is a changed place.  It is clean and put away.  My daily lifestyle has changed.  It feels so much more efficient to have everything put away with the best part being that I am spending less time now than I did before with all the papers out on the counter for months.  It is now one motion instead of from one spot to another to another.  I really appreciate all the time, energy and thought she spent in our home. If she says she will do something – you can count on it!  I can’t recommend her enough!!!!

Kristen Smith > Fallbrook

Kathi is much focused when she works with you. She really looks at your specific needs and adapts her ideas to fit you without allowing you to go back to old habits. She is personable and fast. Kathi understands the value of your time and hers. The solutions she has provided are still in place 2 years later and working for me.

I’ve tried many things over the years to help my daughter. She has been chronically disorganized and I was suspicious that it was causing a number of failures in her life. I called Kathi after finding her website one worrisome night at 4:00 a.m. (But I called later in the morning!) At the time we were sponsoring talk therapy. I realized that our daughter sitting on a sofa in a therapist’s office talking about her problems was too far removed from the actual things weighing her down. I realized that our adult daughter needed practical hands-on intervention. So Kathi came in and she and my daughter went through mounds of chaos and disorganization, including her storage unit. Now when she moves on she will not carry many of these problems in physical form. Her life is running much smoother and I feel that she is in a much better place to succeed.

Vicki > San Diego

You’ve been a significant agent for change in Rick’s life. He has kept up with your system and his desk remains clear. I’m sure this has increased his effectiveness/productivity. You’re terrific at what you do, and I thank you for it.
Prem and Shanti.

Marc Boney
Since you arrived on the scene and helped me get my office well-organized, I leave noticed a significant improvement in, not only productivity, but also my “comfort” in the office and confidence in knowing that I’m able to quickly get to any document or resource I need. It’s a refreshing and exhilarating feeling to see a clutter-free desktop. It’s much easier and more enjoyable to charge into the day without having to deal with “the piles” in front of. You are a great communicator! It was obvious from your initial presentation to our executive group that you get your point across easily…witla good examples…as well as a wonderful…and very understanding…sense of humor. Anyone listening can’t help but be inspired to get rid of his/her muck! And we all have muck whether we want to admit it or not!
Again, thanks for helping me turn my piles into files and get i id of my muck! Feel free to use me as a reference for anytime interested in your work.
Timothy B. Strawn > CAE

The best organizer I have ever seen. A true pro, helped me, and my wife in our home office and off site offices. Organized closets and kitchen too. Highly recommended!

Eliot Rachman > Century 21 Realtor

As a writer, writing/publishing consultant, and university professor, paper is my friend and my nemesis. My dear friend, Kathi Burns, has provided me with tips and tricks to be organized. And I plan on joining her masterclass to see if I can do even better. Because––in full transparency––I have misplaced a few receipts and filed tax return extensions––which prevented me from having my refunds sooner! How silly of me.
Kathy Sparrow

Kathi was a great investment. Like many men, I balked a little at the idea of paying someone to help me get dressed. What I realized after working with Kathi is that I had actually been wasting gobs of money on clothes that weren’t making me look better. Not only do I have a wardrobe full of clothes that are flattering, I also have the knowledge to make more savvy purchases. Men need someone like Kathi. She’s bright, she’s got style, and she’s very pleasant to work with.

Cliff > San Francisco

You have inspired me to do something that I’ve wanted to do for 10 years as you may have noticed, I save everything…hah!  Well, I’ve saved the pictures from Christmas Cards for honestly 20 or more years…I just finished slipping the photos into pages in a scrapbook kind of binder, organized by family…and it was worth it when I found a picture from this Christmas of Nicole (graduating from HS this year) and compared it to her first Christmas photo- now that was sweet.  ( I know there is medicine for that too right….)  The piles on the chair are gone…. I got the floor mat, and now I can roll easier, open the drawer easily… whoa, you would be proud of the files… I feel happily less cluttered.  Thanks for the expert consultation- you are terrific!
Mary Ann Downing > Pool Safety Solutions

Hello gorgeous! Kathy- I just want to say how grateful I am for you and everything you have done for me over the past few years. I hope today you feel special, loved, and so so appreciated. I know this is just the start to our entrepreneurship badassery and I want you in my life as often as possible here to support one another on this CEO journey! Thank you so much for being so amazing and creative. I have no words seriously for how appreciative I am for you working with me on my transformation!!!!

Dana Magnus

Between avoiding last-minute shopping trips and no longer purchasing duplicate items, I am probably saving at least $300 every year. That doesn’t even take into account my time away from work when I used to run off in the middle of my day to get an urgent supply for one my kid’s school projects. As a mother of two children in high school, I am still impressed by my new ability to get more accomplished in a day. A good financial planner is responsible for helping other people save money and ’stay on top of things.’ My new organizing methods have increased my confidence. I no longer rush around in a panic or become easily distracted from my business.
Sandy Copeland

There is no one better at this than my dear friend Kathi Burns. Here’s why: She’s actually a founding member in the Golden Circle of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers). You can read her reviews all over the internet… they speak for themselves. She is Ahh-Maz…Zing!

Noah Weider > Encinitas Estates

I want to highly recommend this business! Kathi is a board certified professional organizer and has been working with clients for 13 years. She can help you organize any area of your home or home-based business. She organizes all areas of your home or business including garages, kitchens. She even helps redesign closets for maximum space efficiency and more! I wanted to give you a referral to Kathi Burns because has been helping me for the last 7 years with my investment properties paperwork, quickbooks and tax filings. When we started working together I was at a loss about what to keep and how to file it as Kathi also helped me know what to do to prepare for my tax returns. Now I have systems in place and feel confident handling my papers and taxes. We still work together every month to keep me organized and I am happy to have Kathi in my life. Call her to see how she can help you get your life in order.
Diane Goodman > Carmel Valley Ashley Falls

Kathi Burns is an incredible professional in this space. She has been a client of our firm for several years and excels at providing solutions for both individuals and businesses

Daniel S > Bernardo Heights

Nine years ago I worked with Kathi Burns when I was in the midst of a divorce. Besides the divorce, my Dad died, my son was moving to go to college and I had to sell the home that my husband and I had built together. My life was falling apart. Kathi patiently helped me to downsize and organize. Without her help I don’t know how I would have coped and pulled my life together. Kathi also helped my 17 year old son who had accumulated a lifetimes worth of toys. Nearly a decade later after three moves, a remodel and an addition, Kathi has really me with my paperwork clutter. She introduced me to the Freedom Filer filing system. Kathi recently mentioned. That not only is she certified as a paper flow specialist but she also certifies other organizers in the Freedom Filer system. Although it seems complicated at first, the categories within the system will make handling paperwork go much faster and taxes will be much easier year to year. Kathi helped to make this project fun and removed the overwhelm that comes with piles of paper. I am posting this review to thank Kathi publicly and to let people know how much easier she made the process for me. No Kathi, you did amazing. OK I did amazing. I talked to Casey this morning and he’s blocked off A couple hours for me tomorrow morning. I’m sitting in my recliner making phone calls now. Dan reminded me to call him when I want to bring the boat out which might be tomorrow afternoon. Thank you Kathi. I know I paid you for your work but you know what? I got my moneys worth so far so good!
Peggy Kunsman

I was very happy to find Kathi on Yelp. She has been so incredibly helpful in the last three days organizing my 13 years of chaos including my divorce papers, two very active girls, and three parents being sick. I was really feeling a lot of the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was very unorganized and overwhelmed but working with Kathi has proved to be a very amazing process. Getting my papers in order has proven to be very liberating so I would highly recommend Kathi to come into your life and help cleanse your stuff and the past. I feel very rejuvenated and refreshed and ready to move my business to the next level. Kathi will be very helpful in helping you get organized and move your life forward and I would highly recommend her!

Kris Akagi > Windemere Realty

Kathi Burns is a wonderful person and the best organizer I have ever worked with. I have know Kathi for almost 10 years and I have seen her help hundreds of people and business get organized.
Kathy C. >  University Heights West

I recently moved and downsized and really wanted to make my stuff fit into my new life without having to rent a storage unit. For a long time I have lived with paper piles scattered throughout my house. They have been a big drain on my energy and attitude. After moving into my new home, I decided to tackle them once and for all with the help of a professional. It is exciting to have a ‘real’ file system where I know where every paper I need is located AND the bonus was that I was able to get rid of boxes and boxes of papers in the process! Kathi Burns is a Board Certified Professional Organizer which I appreciate because it means she has had extensive and has ongoing training in the field of organizing. If you are feeling overwhelmed with organizing projects and don’t know where to turn, I highly recommend that whether you call Kathi at 760.840.9997 She is efficient and will help you tackle any of your organizing challenges. Whether you are downsizing, moving or have paper piles, or other areas of frustration, Kathi is easy to work with and has the expertise to help you get your projects done quickly.

Maryann B. > University Heights West

Wow! What a relief! Kathi helped me go through my piles of papers; showed me things to keep and what not to keep. She gave me strategies for processing things in the future. She’s very good at helping me to reduce the amount of things I keep and is very respectful of the things I want to keep. She has helped me to find apps and programs that make my life easier. I recommend Kathi Burns of Addspace to Your life for any organizing you need to do!
Alex W. >  RSD Association

I am still moving through my stuff with the same momentum you helped me generate.  My mom laughs because I tell her whenever I’m avoiding a box or an area, I hear your voice in my head gently but firmly saying “Come over here. Just go through it”. Thank you and hope you have a blessed day.


Kathi Burns of addSpace To Your Life is one of the best professional organizers I have ever worked with. She helps me with my paperwork, my online data and emails, flight and trip reservations, my schedule and any other type of organizing projects I need to tackle. She is board certified, highly trained and has a multitude of skills. Over the years we have organized photos, made a new file system and more. I highly recommend Kathi for anyone who needs to clear their clutter, downsize or simply feel more in control and get their life more organized!

Mindy K. >  Solana Beach

In the first half hour to hour, you gave me vision and plan. You helped me simplify and organize my office. Now I experience an environment of ease in a room full of endless paper and function efficiently on a daily basis. Thank you!

Joy Brande > Arbonne International

Since working with Kathi over two years ago, I am still using her systems. I now even provide my clients with similar folders to help them keep their records organized. I would say that productivity has been increased in our office by at least 50% since Kathi worked with our team. I have been recognized and been given more responsibilities because I am more organized.

T. Schechter >  Merrill Lynch

Thank you! That helps a lot. I made another “discovery” yesterday…well, actually my supervisor did.  I’ve had this habit of compulsively checking emails, keeping outlook open all day.  I didn’t realize how much I was mailing until he told me he’sreceived about 40 emails from me spaced at random times throughout the day.  yikes!  I know I’ve read that you should only check it a few times a day,  nowhave motivation to do so.  There’s never been a complaint about my productivity (at this job!), but I think, how much more I could get done with more focus.  I think I spend more personal time than I need to on the Internet as well – how ironic, as I sit here writing you, so maybe I need to get a grip on that too. Maybe your next book can be “Hooked on email!” and browsing….but I do need to use the Internet a lot for this bank research and so on.


My file cabinet arrived day before yesterday. At first – Bill thought it was too huge and what was I thinking.  It is so awesome and cleans up everything!  He digs it!!!  Looking forward to finishing up.  (I think an organizing break might have been good for me….hahahahah!) Thank you for all of you help.  You have made such a difference in our home…it is really starting to feel that way…things now have a place to go.  Great feeling!  This morning I was labeling more containers.  Smile!  It is hard for me to imagine me doing this – but I love it. Many blessings to you.


I really enjoy our new file system. I know where to put my papers including my loose coupons and my desk looks much cleaner. We have followed through on your other suggestions, setting up QuickBooks and getting an American Express to use strictly for our business expenses so that everything is itemized. We know that next years taxes will be quick and easy, just like filing is now! Thanks so much for your help.


I am so organized now! Thank you for setting me up. I had a great day Thursday and Friday at work with the freedom Filer system in place. I don’t feel as overwhelmed as before because I really do know what I need to do and if I get distracted I have a place to put what I working on and can go back to it later instead of having piles of papers on my desk.

KB > San Marco

Thank you for your follow-up phone call and the card. Thanks to you my office is staying quite neat.  But dang!  Where did all the papers go? Kind regards.


Kathi was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  I love my new office.

Barbara J. Feldman > Syndicated Columnist “Surfing the Net with Kids


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Organized & Energized

Need to communicate to your team? Try Slack - It not only maintains communications among teams, it also helps everyone stay productive. #OrganizedandEnergized #AddSpaceToYourLife ... See MoreSee Less

Need to communicate to your team? Try Slack - It not only maintains communications among teams, it also helps everyone stay productive. #OrganizedandEnergized #AddSpaceToYourLife
17 hours ago
Organized & Energized

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D. Larson #believe #mindovermatter #knowledge #life ... See MoreSee Less

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D. Larson #believe #mindovermatter #knowledge #life

Working Your 'To Do' List

Jot down tasks in your to-do list as soon as they come to your mind, revise the list on a daily basis, limit yourself to three to five tasks and also assign due dates to all your tasks. #OrganizedandEnergized #AddSpaceToYourLife
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Working Your To Do List

Jot down tasks in your to-do list as soon as they come to your mind, revise the list on a daily basis, limit yourself to three to five tasks and also assign due dates to all your tasks. #OrganizedandEnergized #AddSpaceToYourLife

"Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous." - anonymous #makeitcount #qotd #awesomeday ... See MoreSee Less

Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous. - anonymous #makeitcount #qotd #awesomeday

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Its Friday! A great reason to smile! #happyfriday #friday #enjoytheweekend
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