Today we will discuss tidying up and spring clearing before you begin spring cleaning.

When I began my career as  Professional Organizer way back in 2003, my elderly father often referred to me as a house cleaner, instead of an organizer.

Board Certified Professional Organizer Kathi Burns

I think some people who an unfamiliar with professional organizers might have the same impression so I thought it would be good to write a quick article differentiating the two and at the same time provide you with a proven process  you can use to get your home ready for spring cleaning.

Sometimes prospective clients also reach out by asking me to help them clean up their homes. As we talk, it becomes clear that what they really want is my assistance clearing up / tidying up their homes so that they actually can begin to deep clean!

Upon arriving to their home I discover they have not been able to have a house cleaner come to their home – or able to have at least one room in their home cleaned because there was not enough room to clean in between all of their clutter. You might familiar with these rooms, the ones that are often behind closed doors for no one to see. I call them the dumping ground – where all things unneeded and unloved get together.

If you, like others,  have ever tried to clean your house only to find yourself blockaded by clutter, you definitely need to clear before you clean!

Even if you are not like others who have a room or rooms overrun by clutter it is always a good idea to spring clear before you spring clean.


The US Soap and Detergent Association did a study that concluded that an organized house save 42% tome cleaning. This study shows that it makes a lot of sense to get organized before you begin any type of  cleaning process!

So, you might be thinking, this is a great idea but how should I begin? After all, clearing your clutter can be daunting idea.

So here we go:

Step One 

Gather your organizing tools.The only times you really need are an empty laundry basket or box and a few empty trash bags.

The basket/box is your top to move items to other areas where they belong. he teach nags are for donations and trash.

Take a sharpie marker and label one bag trash and the other donate.

professional organizer kathi burns, clutter

Step Two 

Go to the area you are most motivated to spring clean and begin removing every item that does not belong there.

For instance, if you decide to start in your bathroom you will be removing everything not necessary for doing what you need to do in your bathroom.

This might include an empty coffee cup, dirty clothes and who knows what else! You will know when you see it!

Trash the empty bottles of shampoo and old razors and clear your bathroom counter and shower of all old, used and unloved items.

If you have makeup spread out on your counter, this the time to do inventory of your collection and eliminate what you purchased and never or no longer use.

I know – you spent good money on that lipstick but if you wore it once and hated the color, now is the time to let it go!

The same rule applies to any other sundry items you purchased with good intentions and never used. If they are in good shape, you might be able to pass them onto a shelter, especially all of the travel bottles of shampoo and body wash you brought home from your recent trip.

Gather them together and add them to your donation bag. Don’t worry if you are not sure who needs them, just add them to your bag.

Whatever organization you take your donations to will know where to send them for their best use. The only thing you need to know is that you are moving your excess into the world to others who really need it.

Keep clearing whatever does not belong in the bathroom whether it is unused, unloved stuff or simply should not be there to begin with.

Step Three

cleaning, supplies, organized, home

After tackling the surface clutter, open up all cabinets and empty out the drawers. Sort like with like, eliminate and purge!

Create storage systems inside your cabinets and your drawers so that you can maintain the order you have just created.

Step Four 

When you finish the bathroomcleaning, supplies, get organized, kathi Burns, home organization, move onto other messy areas and keep up your momentum clearing the way and eliminating your dust bunnies at the same time.

Speaking of dust bunnies, you will begin to realize you receive a bonus during your clearing process. When your cabinets are emptied, you can easily take a spray bottle and cloth for a quick wipe down and viola – you have now also done your spring / deep cleaning! My favorite tool is Mrs. Meyers Lavender Cleaner. I like it because for me it feels rewarding to use because it smells great!

Step Five 

donations, home organization

Take your donations to your car and drive to your local donation station and take the trash to the trash bin. Do not stop halfway and leave the donation bags in your garage – I know who you are! Donation bags in your garage only add clutter to that area. Move your bags out of your home.

Spring clearing can be tackled room by room or space by space as time permits.


To keep on track, make sure to give yourself a deadline to finish. My favorite spring deadline is March 20th ~ the first day of Spring! This way I can move into the new season refreshed and ready to celebrate spring outside, not cleaning inside my house!

If you need motivation to get your spring clearing / tidying up done and want to spend a lot less time than going it alone, call on a professional organizer! This is what we do.

professional organizer, hire a pro, kathi burns

Along with saving you boatloads to time, it is much more fun to work with a professional organizer than to do it all by yourself. We keep the process moving along at a fast pace and before you know it,  your home is tidied up, donations hauled away and you will have a super clean home and be ready for a fresh season of fun, relaxation and free time!

Want professional help? You can reach me direct at [email protected]


Kathi Burns
Kathi Burns

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