For those of you who have a few stacks of papers piled around inside your home (or anywhere else in your life) – here’s one of three reasons why.

A pile of anything represents one of three things:

You are either avoiding it, procrastinating or simply don’t have any idea what to do with it!

No matter what the reason is thAt you have piles laying around, they will never ever serve you well.

For instance, a pile of mail sitting on your kitchen counter (yes – I see it!) can cause a great deal inconvenience and, more often than not, a boatload of time and money.

Just today, my client explained that recently she became completely stressed out because she could not find the title to her car that had arrived on the mail a few weeks back.

She had an appointment to transfer the title to the person who purchased her car and she could not find the title anywhere.

After searching for 45 minutes she finally found her title. Sadly this made her arrive one hour late for her meeting to transfer the title.

So where did she eventually find it?

It turns out that she had opened it when she received it in the mail and then put it back into it’s original envelope AND added it to the pile of important papers on her dresser.

As a side note, if you open a piece of mail, take it out, open it up, please do not refold and place it back into it’s original envelope.

Opening, unfolding, refolding and re-stuffing is both a waste of time and energy and will definitely not help you know what is inside the next time you need to do something with it.

Eliminating this habit will save you time ~ guaranteed!

Another self-sabotaging aspect of paper piles is that your bills tend to get lost in the shuffle which sometimes triggers late fees and a ding in your credit score.

I will be talking about how to eliminate piles, track your bills and save time and money with financial organizing systems in more detail in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for an upcoming training about how to save money by getting better organized and in the meantime – if you have any piles lying around – take action and give them the boot!