Have you ever had a day when you simply can’t seem to find whatever it is that you are looking for?  

For instance, when you are running late, there is nothing more frustrating then trying to get dressed quickly and not being able to find a single set of matching socks. Socks set to have a life of their own and find their way into unknown spaces in your home. Never fear – I have a few tricks to corral your socks and keep them organized and paired up together!

Even if does make you late for work, everyone at one time or another ends up with a lone sock that you are unable to find its matching mate. 

Many of us go OCD and spend long, frustrating and wild goose chases as we search under the bed, behind the dresser and even move the washing machine (after all – it is our favorite sock) trying to find the sock that lost its way. 

If you have a good procedure in place, you will no longer have to worry when you find a single sock.

Step One

Create a ‘missing sock’ bag.  This bag can be an old pillowcase or unused laundry bag. The bigger it is, the less frequently you will have to deal with it! 

Step Two

Find a place for this bag to live permanently in your laundry area. For best results hang it from a nail or hook right beside your dryer. Positioning it next to your dryer or where you fold your clothes is fantastic because this is where you usually discover your solo socks.

The most important thing to make this strategy work is use a consistent place where you put your single socks. 

As with every successful organizing strategy you need a designated place for your loose socks to live until they find their way, either united or recycled.

Step Three

The easy step! As you find single socks, don’t stress out trying to find their mates right then, simply toss them into your bag and forget them for awhile. 

Step Four

This is where gets fun! Once every other month or so, empty out your bag and see who’s in there. You will be amazed to see how many socks have reunited with their mates. It’s almost a miracle, LOL!

By the way –  If you have children, this is a great task to have them help you with. This not only teaches them how to sort like with like, it also teaches them how to create systems for missing pieces. Think about if they could do the same strategy for their missing Lego and game board pieces!

As your kids sort and create pairs of socks, they will also learn how to organize. Showing them how to eliminate the unnecessary also teaches them how to begin using their “letting go muscle” which is an incredible gift that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Step Five

There will be a few who are still lonely fellows and they can go back into the bag until next month. If they keep coming up lonely after a few tries – toss them into the trash as no double the dog, your cat or some other helpful family member has hidden them somewhere to never be found again. Let go and breathe a sigh of relief that you never have to look at that one again!



By the way, the challenge of not being able to find things is frequently why a lot of my clients say they needed the help of a professional organizer. 

Let’s face it – we all have too much stuff. Learning how to let go of something as simple as socks without mates is the beginning of a lifelong habit of eliminating the unnecessary clutter in your life.

Think about art this way: when you eliminate the unnecessary from your life, you will become more organized. much more energized and experience more freedom!! Just saying . . .

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