A favorite phrase of people lately is “life happens.” Life, in fact, is exactly what happens while we ‘re making our plans for the future. Before we have our plans setting in cement, it seems our life situation has changed –and so much our plans.

You can make a case that this is precisely what happens when it comes to our possessions. “Clutter, from here on out called muck, happens.”

Look around you. It’s hard to believe at some point your house was empty — totally empty to be redundant! What would happen now, if someone told you, that you had to leave it all behind, how would you react?

Could you, in fact, willfully walk away from all your material possessions right now?

It starts when we’re first born –and we’re not even aware of it. So it isn’t even our fault yet (honest!)! At this point it’s what others “do to us.” Have you ever noticed that?

Disorganization in our home often begins with the accumulation of material items in our life. Think about the concept of a baby shower.

Even before we’re born we begin accumulating things through this ritual. Then our family discovers any number of reasons to “shower” us with even more material gifts as we grow up.

Now, gifts are great, but . . . eventually our room of gifts and toys and stuffed animals morphs itself as we get older into a house of stuff — some essential and some, well, not so essential.

That question is closely related to the one so many like to ask of people. If you were stranded on a desert island with only one item, what would it be? Obviously, it couldn’t be that hand-held mixer you use once every six months for your smoothies.

And you probably wouldn’t take your vacuum cleaner. Or even your reading lamp?

But would you take that stack of papers over there that you promised you’d look through one day? Or could you choose only one book from that pile you have sitting in your den?

Get the picture? Our lives are filled with material items –very often material items that we seldom, if ever, use.

But you already are well aware of that. After all, you’re reading this blog. There must be some reason you’re interested in the topic. My guess is that you, like hundreds of thousands of others, are suffocating in a houseful of clutter.

This blog is not intended to be a commentary on how materialistic our society has become — and in turn how tragic that is. It is thought about the slow. . .  incremental . . . nearly unnoticeable way we do accumulate material things and how that affects our home and life organization.

We can — when we’re ready emotionally and physically–begin to clear ourselves of some of the possessions we neither use nor need.

But in order to effectively clear that muck and clutter out of your house –and hopefully keep it that way for more than 24 hours (which by the way is a serious challenge for some people . . .) we need to know the 5 steps to organize anything along with the skill sets used by professional organizers like myself every day when working with clients.

This is why I created the Home Organizing Made Simple online system.

This system is designed to help you get organized, clear your house and keep it muck-free. The best part – you can get started right now for less than $20!

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Kathi Burns
Kathi Burns

Would like to feel more organized? If so, Kathi is here to help you.

Kathi’s expert advice has been featured in national media outlets including Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more.

As the author of 2 books, Kathi has also developed several online courses to help clients get better organized and energized in all areas of their home, life, and business.

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