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There is nothing that makes me happier right now than easily pulling into my well-organized garage after a long day at work.

It is embarrassing to admit that for over 6 years, I was one of the 25% of car owners with a two car garage that could not fit a car single inside. In case you are wondering what happened to cause this situation, I have to explain. I don’t really feel like the whole problem was my fault.

You see, I am the ‘responsible one’ in the family. I was the good girl who got a job right out of college, saved her money and while still single in her mid 30’s bought a house of her own. That should be celebrated right?

When my mom and dad moved into their retirement condo, I received the brunt of the stuff that my mom could not fit, but also could not permanently part with. She said, you might not need silver now, but you will someday when you finally get married. My wayward sister who chose to galavant around the globe searching for the meaning in life also decided she could use my garage for her storage unit and added another huge stack of boxes.

So you see, although it turned out that since I owned the house, getting it organized appeared to be my personal task even though I was facing a huge amount of clutter that wasn’t even mine to begin with. Much to my relief, after several trial and errors, I stumbled upon a discovery that made up for the general awfulness of organizing my garage.

To help you understand, I think that I need to start at the beginning of my process. “ I didn’t know it, but I was about to begin an educational journey — one that would begin with a two car garage that no cars could fit inside, but ultimately lead me to a discovery I have to say is nothing short of profound. I will get to the profound discovery, of course. But first, the piece of awful advice I followed.

My friends and work colleagues suggested that I take the weekend and begin taking everything out of the garage in order to sort through it. With the help of one friend, we did just that. I was able to sort a few items and recycle some old wrapping paper BUT a big challenge arose once everything was outside. The sun was setting.

Already exhausted and with only a half hour before dark, we hastily shuffled everything back inside. When I woke up the next morning, I went back into my garage and looked around and it was even a worse mess than before I started. I felt like crying because I have already worked 7 hours the day before with nothing to show for it. Actually my garage was in way worse shape than before I began!

I decided to take that day and do a bit more online research to learn what others have done in this situation. After failing miserably on my first attempt, I no longer trusted my colleagues at work to give me the solution.

Determined to find a secret strategy to get my car in the garage once and for all, I immersed myself in online research.

I even went to the book store looking for good books on organizing. It didn’t take me long to learn that in order to get organized, one must first understand basic organizing principles.

What comes next isn’t rocket science: I learned that to organize anything, you need a solid plan and strategy.

The first attempt, I had a plan but I did not have a strategy. We knew that we had to take everything out but we didn’t have any other steps in mind or even a practical timeline.

One thing I knew from previous trial and error was that starting the process at 11 am is not such a great idea. This became obvious since it was dark by the time everything that was inside the garage was now outside.

I failed miserably at ridding my garage of clutter and I realized reading books and articles were not going to get my car back into it’s rightful home.

This is when I stumbled upon an online do-it-yourself course that provided step by step practical  instructions for getting any room in your house organized, including – oila’ my garage!

This Home Organizing Made Simple System was created by a professional organizer who has been helping clients for over 12 years create organized and efficient homes. Not only that, but the course had videos and real life before and after photos of garage organization projects. I was inspired and knew that with the guiding help of these videos, and with checklists in hand about my goals for my garage, that I could finally tackle this project once and for all!

Once I started using the tips from this course, change happened quickly. After just a few weeks, my garage went from looking monstrous to tolerable, and— yes!—my piles of boxes and unloved furniture started to disappear.

Another thing that happened during this journey was that other parts of my house were now becoming more organized. In fact, as the course points out, every space effects every other. Learning strategies to put my laundry room into better order was a nice little bonus since it is the first thing I see when I enter my house from the garage!

automobile, car, garage, organizing, projects, home, declutterThe huge relief and the zen feeling that happens when I come home after a long day away is two-fold:

#1 My car now fits onto the garage with little to no effort

#2 Once parked inside, I can actually get out of my car without squishing my tote and tripping over random piles on the path to the door.

For what it is worth, I am not the only one who feels triumphant and elated after getting her home organized. One of the other Home Organizing Made Simple System members explains her story:

“I recently tackled a complete home organizing makeover. I had moved into a new home following a divorce and surrounded myself with the same colors and furnishings that were familiar. After two years, I realized that my new space wasn’t really new or working for me anymore. I was ready for vibrant energetic colors and more open space. I had too much stuff and it was from my old life. I watched the videos, surveyed each room, worked with the assessment sheets in the Home Organizing Made Simple System. I was then able to create a fresh new place for myself, and following the step by step plans, rid myself of furnishings, rugs, piles of magazines, too many pictures, and much more. Life is a lot brighter and lighter now – and I do have more time for more enjoyable endeavors because I’ve cleared my life and my clutter!”

If The Home Organizing Made Simple System doesn’t provide the steps you feel that you need in order to get your home organized, there’s a money back guarantee so you don’t  have to worry.

And if you’re anything like me (and my car), you will consider it the best money you’ve ever spent.

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