Here are a few tasty bytes from a recent interview with details and tips about home organizing and why I co-authored the Organizing With Tetris Book.

Why did you identify a crossover between the ideas of decluttering and Tetris?

Over the last 19 years as a pro organizer, several clients have commented that I am really great at Tetris. I do play Tetris frequently to de-stress, but without their comments, I would not have thought to package these two skill sets into one book.

What are the basics behind your idea for this decluttering technique?

Organizing your possessions ‘like with like’ is a key aspect of organizing anything. Once you have gathered all like items together AND minimized the duplicates triplicates, etc, you can then consider organizing by shape and size, just like when playing Tetris.

Is there one big takeaway you’d recommend when using Tetris decluttering?

Keep it simple. The best long term solutions are simple and easy to remember. Do what makes sense to you and make sure there is always extra room in your spaces for growth. Just like Tetris, there should always be open space to capitalize on later!

What areas of your home are prime opportunities for using these ideas?

Every area in a home will benefit from using Tetris principals, The easiest place to begin is in a confined space, like a drawer or cabinet. This way, you will be able to quickly see how to fit merge and fit organizational components, like drawer dividers and bins, together to form a cohesive storage strategy,

If you want to get your home better organized – order a copy of this book and start playing the game of organizing!

Kathi Burns

Kathi Burns

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